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Bhagat singh
I really like this game, but geez I hate when people don't knock when they should, it seems unfair to knock and then loose because they didn't and you get undercut! Gotta day I won't be buying more coins because of that.
I absolutely love this game, always have! I am dominating so far like usual for some reason l am really good at this game Competitors beware! I'm coming for your points!
Swaraj Hedau
Sometimes you get bored by constantly playing one game. But RummyVictor doesn’t. One of the most fascinating features about it is its real-time voice talk that allows me to talk to my friends about anything, which feels like a precious bonding time especially during this period. What’s more, I can literally make money out of it. And that is a double win.
I’ve always been worrying about the safety or if it’s fair enough to play games like this. But RummyVictor gives me a refresh. You are able to withdraw your winnings anytime. Of course you have to verify yourself at first. Quite convenient, isn’t it? And it basically has 5 types of games for me to choose anyone I like. I heard there would be tournaments coming too and I really look forward to it.
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